The Performance Relationship

The Performance Relationship

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People & Star

Choose Wisely


The Performance Relationship offers tailored personality assessment that give you the edge in choosing people who match your business, your culture, your way of working.

Mix Well  

The right people have the right qualities—and learn the right way to work. The Performance Relationship helps people understand the deep business, the unspoken rules guiding performance. 


Converse & Perform

 The Real Business 

Every job needs boundaries, a fence separating performance from wasted effort. The Performance Relationship will show your people how to build their Performance Square, with the four Performance Conversations:

1. Performance foundations

Targets & Standards; Ability & Confidence 

2. Learning from Experience

Meaningful feedback; Learning & Problem-solving

3. Building the Team

Negotiating roles & mutual support

4. Telling the Story

Resolving differences; Creating a vision


Prosper & Grow


Learn Deeply 

  • Development facilitation
  • Conflict management
  • Facilitator training
  • Change management
  • Organisational design & culture
  • Culture & climate review 

Principal Consultant

Arthur Poropat


Arthur has long been interested in how the best in people comes from great  relationships that guide learning and performance. He has advised local and multinational organisations, business and non-profit, that work in construction, health, welfare and education. Arthur has been invited to speak in America, Wales, Germany, England, and Vietnam, while his work has been featured in The New York Times and Time Magazine.

Arthur Poropat

Arthur Poropat

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